Co-driver (2012)

“Kartanlukija” (ENG: Co-driver) is a 23-minute drama directed by Markus Aaltonen (Maa Films) and produced by Miro Laiho (Time Films). It deals with gender roles and manliness flavoured with black humour.

Starring: Antti Väre (Kulman pojat), Johanna Kuuva (8), Panu Tuomikko (Ihmisiä tiellä / Hit the Road) and Teemu Mäkinen (Tunnevammoja / No Heart Feelings).

Vellu (Antti Väre) is a girly man and Kaisa (Johanna Kuuva) is a manly girl. After a fight, Vellu ends up in a weird rally party, which changes the entire way he sees manhood.

Here is a trailer for the movie. Premiere was held 26.05.2012 at Kino Andorra in Helsinki, Finland. Next we going to send it to various film festivals around the world.

We also have made 5 episodes making of -series for the film. They are pseudo documentaries, but of course behind all that acting we can see some of the truth.
You can find the episodes from YouTube:

I directed and edited the movie.
And I also edited this trailer.

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